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Valeria is an architectural photographer based in Sydney. Born in Rome to Venezuelan parents, she grew up in multiple countries before ultimately landing in Paris, where she pursued her academic education and a career in international business consulting and procurement. While France will always have her heart, Australia has been home for the past 13 years. This incredibly diverse background and life experience brings a unique perspective to her work.
Her creative journey as a photographer is driven by a deep appreciation for art, design, composition, structures, and the way we interact with spaces. After years of meticulously documenting her surroundings and becoming certified in Interior Design, what began as a personal visual journal evolved into a full-time professional practice. Her aesthetic brings together the influence of her urban upbringing and her response to the Australian built environment - capturing the essence of the space and dynamic interplay between light and shadow.

the best stories are the ones
that resurface from the dark
'I believe there is power in duality, in embracing our dark side. 
Instead of silencing it, we can interrogate it, play with it, create something new with it. 
Through my lens and creative process, I uncover what lies in the shadows, give it a new identity,
and leverage it to communicate (y)our reality in a meaningful and authentic way.' 
valeria valera
join us as we uncover what lies in the shadows