project: haberfield house
client: werkstatt joinery
design: spacecontroldesign
published: the local project issue #11 - feb 2023
project: mermaid avenue
client: idea creations
design: tamie freier
architecture: cottee parker
build: conti constructions
published: pure locations
project: the studio
client: bespoke plaster finishes
design: kate lawrence interiors
project: 34 manly
client/design: brand collective
build: onshore homes
project: rosebank residence
client/design: atelier chardon architecture
build: yannec construction
project: murdoch house
client: bespoke plaster finishes
design: phoebe nichol interiors
project: 1.07 macpherson
client/build: builtexact
design: l. mahady
project: wolseley road
client: idea creations
design: lara shein & studio
build: telgrit
project: cross street bronte
client: idea creations
design: ASA architects
project: organichef kitchen balmain
client/design: st james whitting
featured: new age veneers
project: holt road house sale listing
client: conti constructions
project: eden on denison
client: idea creations
design: decade workshop
project: church + field location + interiors
client/design: decade workshop
featured: airbnb
project: balfour duplex
client: idea creations
design: lara shein & studio
build: telgrit